Products and Services

Sale of Cold Spray Equipment and Consumables

ECK provides cold spray systems and auxiliary equipment for the local and regional markets across all industries. ECK also provides feedstock powders for cold spray coatings as well as cold spray equipment consumables such as nozzles, powder feeders and personal safety equipment.

Coating Services

ECK is equipped with in-house capability to provide cold spray coating services for the local and regional markets. Customised coating solutions for specific industrial needs will be developed jointly with our customers.


ECK provides consultancy services in the areas of cold spray capability and business development, Nadcap and AS9100 certification, productivity improvement and technical capability development. Essentially, our aim is to assist our customers to grow in every aspect of its coating business. Our consultant is certified under the Enterprise Singapore-recognised Registered Management Consultant (RMC) programme.


ECK provides customised training in the area of thermal spray coating for companies or individuals. Specifically, customised training will be provided for technician and engineers for the following processes: a. Cold Spray b. Arc Spray c. Plasma Spray d. HVOF Spray

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